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Red or Dead website goes live

Peter Gough

Posted by Peter Gough, Design Partner / Founder at ORM on 03/01/2012
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Red or Dead, the British fashion brand, has launched a new website to reflect its latest product ranges and designs. ORM devised and created the website, dubbed ‘The House of Red or Dead’ to follow an abstract design incorporating elements of a house with different rooms for different products. It also introduces a host of social media functionality to share content with potential customers with the ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness through word of mouth as well as driving repeat visits.

The site matches the style of the ‘House of Design’ concept used for the forthcoming Red or Dead store in central London, which will showcase the best of the company’s fashion ranges. Likewise, web consumers enjoy an enhanced user experience in which they are guided through a virtual house where individual rooms are used to display products. For instance, a bathroom is displayed for swimwear products and a garden is shown as the backdrop when shopping for bikes.

Social media was a focal point of the project. To increase brand awareness through word of mouth and repeat visits it was important to enable users to share content on different social networking platforms. Incorporating Facebook and Twitter allows the site to reach a much wider group of potential customers. Users can like, share and tweet the latest new product deals. It also includes a ‘Heart’ wish list where users can drop in products they want with links to other sites.

Keith Nation, Partner at ORM, commented: “One of the main objectives for Red or Dead was to showcase the wide range of products without turning the site into an out-and-out e-commerce website. Red or Dead only sell through resellers so as a route to purchase it was key for us to ensure that we provided users with a clear user-journey through to the partner sites such as Schuh and Specsavers. At the same time we’ve also tried to keep true to the quirky nature of the brand and worked closely with the Red or Dead creative team to produce a flexible website design that can evolve over time.”

Julia Massey, Brand President of Red or Dead, said: “The Red of Dead brand has evolved over the past few years with new product ranges and designs launched. We needed to maintain consistency between our online and offline presence by appealing strongly to our core audience of young British women. ORM have created a site that reflects our desire for a strong design aesthetic and heavy focus on our varied product base.”

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